It is after travelling in America for several weeks, visiting 6 cities in 3 states, that Laurence Dacade designed Summer 2019. The diversity of landscapes, atmospheres and people met during this journey inspired her a very singular and complete collection.

Vintage pink loafers, buckled denim booties, leather braided combat boots, raffia sneakers, embroidered platforms, pop colourful heart sandals, camel suede cowboy boots, studded bow mules and gold waves stilettos are, to name just a few, some of the styles that live side by side in good harmony this Summer.

The colour palette symbolizes all the weather conditions met. The turquoise blue, the bright red, the mirror gold, together with the rosewood pink, the burgundy and the camel remind us of the sunny blue sky of Florida, the bright colours seen on the blond sand beaches of California and the muted colours of the city skylines.

The different textures - raffia, patent leather, denim, cotton fabrics and suede - represent the rugged nature, the concrete of the buildings, the endless views on desert landscapes, the light reflecting on the ocean…

A collection like a travel diary.

And always on each right heel a metallic beauty mark, signature of the designer…