THE Women's collection



For Laurence Dacade, Summer 2017 is all about soft femininity with  touches of rough masculinity. Laurence Dacade mixes in her collection pink lace, red satin and ocean suede with rough denim, railroad stripe cotton and bright yellow patent leather. The flower embroideries in pastel colors, pearl-embroidered butterflies and satin bows are in contrast with the geometrical applications in primary colors and matte sequins. Round metallic buckles dress flat feminine pink sabot sandals. Rough suede laces fasten delicate lace booties. These contrasts are everywhere in the collection. Disco satin from the 70’s and denim covered by Chantilly lace, menswear stripes, Chinoiserie embroideries on sneakers and clogs, all propose a diversity inspired from the past, but firmly grounded in the 21st century.
And as always, on each right heel of the collection, a signature metallic beauty mark…