The shoe is not only an object made for walking but it’s also an experimental tool of freedom.
— Laurence Dacade
© photo Eric Guillemain - 2B Management

© photo Eric Guillemain - 2B Management

Laurence Dacade is a Parisian luxury accessories designer who launched her eponymous line in 2003.
Everything started when she was fourteen years old and made her first solo purchase of a pair of shoes... red and blue striped ballerinas with a big bow. Her love affair with shoes and the foot had begun.
"Shoes, like jewelry, are very sensual objects. My goal is to make shoes for Cinderella, but sexy, with a French touch." Dacade's shoes are sexy and elegant while being chic, but never boring.
Laurence is inspired by the cultures of women throughout the world. Since she travels extensively, her favourite places to contemplate a new collection are airports and train stations, observing people as they move through their lives.
Wanting to master the technical aspects of designing shoes, Laurence trained at the AFPIC School. Her understanding of construction as well as her passion for feminine, sensual shoes, has enabled her to produce shoes that are both sexy and comfortable. According to Laurence there is "no need to suffer for beauty".
Currently, besides designing and producing her own namesake collection, she also designs the shoe collections for some of the most glamorous luxury brands.
At the end of the day, Laurence's wish is to make beautiful women even more beautiful, glamorous, feminine and unique. Shoes serve as the foundation on which this can happen.


What does a shoe evoke for you?


The sensualism of a sculpture and the desire to possess it. The shoe is not only an object made for walking but it's also an experimental tool of freedom.




Sexy, feminine, rock and funky. But I do not want to be locked into one story. I love designing high heeled shoes as much as sneakers.
I think of my collection as a family. The shoes are not all the same. Some are sexy and tall, some are chunky and funky. But, like families, they all live under one roof.

What does a shoe express about the one who wears it?


They express her mood or what she wants to be. We do not behave in the same way when we wear 10 cm heels or ballerinas.


The ideal shoes?


Two obsessions:
the quality of production and the look.
Comfort is obvious but what about the beauty? It is very difficult to understand why we fall in love.

What about the shoe of tomorrow?


Everything has to be done, nothing is impossible and this is so exciting!

Do you have advice for women wearing high heels?


Keep going!