The designer’s eclectic collection gives us a glimpse into her creative world: poetic, rock, chic and sassy.
You can see the hallmarks of the house everywhere: metallic buckles and studs, embroideries and organic materials, bows, jewels and appliqués.
High heel espadrilles, mule mocassins, spartan boots, platform sandals and naughty stilettos are dressed in cheerful reversible sequins, floral embroideries with a flutter of butterflies, metallic daisies, shiny mini dots and studs.
Materials are made of soft satin, velvety suede, rough cotton and supple leather in colors inspired by a make-up palette, ranging from blush pink to sooty black and passing through carmine red, azur blue, optical white and incandescent gold.
And as always, on each right heel, a metallic beauty mark, signature of the designer.